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Conversion rates

1 SGD3.20 MYR
5 SGD16.02 MYR
10 SGD32.05 MYR
25 SGD80.12 MYR
50 SGD160.25 MYR
100 SGD320.50 MYR
500 SGD1,602.50 MYR
1,000 SGD3,205.00 MYR
5,000 SGD16,025.00 MYR
10,000 SGD32,050.00 MYR
50,000 SGD160,250.00 MYR
1 MYR0.30 SGD
5 MYR1.54 SGD
10 MYR3.09 SGD
25 MYR7.73 SGD
50 MYR15.47 SGD
100 MYR30.95 SGD
500 MYR154.75 SGD
1,000 MYR309.50 SGD
5,000 MYR1,547.50 SGD
10,000 MYR3,095.00 SGD
50,000 MYR15,475.00 SGD