Idex (IDEX) Price

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile — value can go down as well as up. Trading may be subject to tax.¹

Our current rate1 IDEX = S$ 0.060
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*Capital at risk

1 IDEX = S$ 0.060

-S$ 0.0153620.44 %
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Market capS$ 48.87M
Circulating supply821,220,432
Max supply1,000,000,000
24h trading volumeS$ 5.24M
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About IDEX

Idex claims to be the first hybrid liquidity DEX that combines an order book model with an automated market maker. It captures the performance and features of a traditional order book model with the security and liquidity of an AMM. Idex takes a different approach to decentralized exchanges by combining an off-chain trading engine with on-chain trade settlement.
Official websiteWhitepaper
1 SGD16.38888776 IDEX
5 SGD81.94443881 IDEX
10 SGD163.88887763 IDEX
25 SGD409.72219408 IDEX
50 SGD819.44438816 IDEX
100 SGD1,638.88877632 IDEX
500 SGD8,194.44388163 IDEX
1,000 SGD16,388.88776327 IDEX
5,000 SGD81,944.43881635 IDEX
10,000 SGD163,888.87763270 IDEX
50,000 SGD819,444.38816351 IDEX
1 IDEX0.05 SGD
5 IDEX0.29 SGD
10 IDEX0.58 SGD
25 IDEX1.46 SGD
50 IDEX2.93 SGD
100 IDEX5.86 SGD
500 IDEX29.30 SGD
1,000 IDEX58.60 SGD
5,000 IDEX293.04 SGD
10,000 IDEX586.09 SGD
50,000 IDEX2,930.49 SGD

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Live Idex to SGD prices, price charts, and market cap

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Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile — value can go down as well as up. Trading may be subject to tax.

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  • Market cap

    The current price of Idex (per unit) multiplied by its current circulating supply

  • Circulating supply

    The amount of Idex publicly available and circulating in the market

  • 24-hour trading volume

    The total dollar value of all Idex traded in the last 24 hours, including exchanges outside of Revolut

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