FAQs: Our temporary top-up changes in Singapore

How to · 19 June 2020Muara Makarim

  1. I had my card details stored in Revolut. Now they’ve disappeared. What’s going on?

    Don’t worry! This happens because your card details have not been fully passed on to the new acquiring partner as we have changed the payment provider. You’ll simply need to re-enter your card details and it should work as usual.
  2. Your bank may charge you a fee for topping up your Revolut Account. Why has my bank charged me a fee for topping-up my Revolut account?

    We are in the process of changing our acquiring partner for top-ups. For the first few weeks, the new acquiring partner is supporting us from their international division, and will switch to their local division shortly.

    While they manage top-ups outside Singapore during this transition period, your bank may levy an international transfer fee when you top-up your Revolut account using your credit or debit card. These fees are only temporary and will stop as soon as we switch to the local division.

    Revolut will refund the excess charges from your issuing bank for each topup in due course
  3. How much will the fee be? How will I know where to check my statement on the top up fee with Revolut?

    The fee will vary with each bank. Please refer to your bank statements.
  4. How does this affect my Revolut card?

    It doesn’t! Use your Revolut as usual! The charges only apply to top-ups of your Revolut account using your debit or credit card.
  5. Is my money safe with Revolut?

    Yes! The money you deposited with Revolut is safe as it is stored in a segregated account with our holding bank  in Singapore.
  6. Will Revolut refund the fee?

    Yes, Revolut will refund excess charges for each top-up during this transition period in due course.
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