Budgeting and Analytics

Never overspend again

Take control of your money with smart budgeting and analytics tools

Set limits to help you stick to your budget

We’ll calculate limits to recommend you based on your spending predictions, or simply tell us how much you want to spend

Reveal weekly insights for a deep dive on your spending habits

From groceries to savings to transport and more, get a close look at your financial progress on a weekly basis

Master your money with smart analytics

Get a clear view of your spending with a breakdown by merchants, categories, countries, and more

Don’t just take our word for it

Tracking your finances made simple

Revolut has transformed my weekly budgeting. I feel i’m now totally control of my money in a way I’ve never been before
Since downloading Revolut, I’ve been able to manage my savings better and I’m on track to meet my financial goals. I love it!
Set my budget and stick with it, haven’t got that flex in my current accounts
You can see where you've spent your money so you can make budgeting much easier. A must have!

Budgeting and beyond

Here’s what you get when Budgeting & Analytics connects to the rest of Revolut

Send money internationally at excellent exchange rates

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Organise your bills with pockets

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