Basic Policy for the Prevention of Damages by Anti-Social Forces


REVOLUT TECHNOLOGIES JAPAN Inc. ("The Company") declares the following basic policy regarding the prevention of damages caused by groups or individuals (so-called Anti-Social Forces, or "ASF"), who pursue economic benefits, use violence, force and fraudulent methods, and strives to ensure the appropriateness and soundness of the Company's operations.

  1. The Company shall take a resolute stance against ASF that pose a threat to social order and safety, and shall cut off all relationships with them.
  2. The Company shall take a decisive stance against unreasonable demands from ASF by taking legal actions in both civil and criminal cases. In addition, the Company will not engage in any behind-the-scenes transactions or provide inappropriate benefits or funds to ASF.
  3. In order to cut off all relationships with ASF and eliminate unreasonable demands, the Company shall always work closely with outside professional organizations such as the Police, the National Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, and lawyers.


Effective on May 31, 2018