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4.8 / 5

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Sending €1,000Cost to sendRecipient gets




€11.20Weekend fees applied£832.92
We strive to always be the cheapest available option on the market. However, when we are not, we make up for it with super fast, secure international transfer options that are trusted by 40+ million customers worldwide.Send money




€12.00Weekend fees applied£832.25-£0.67

Western Union








The above information applies when sending money in the national currency of the recipient account. The list of providers is not exhaustive and we plan to add more soon. For all provider, we are showing the costs based on the Standard/Basic plans only. For Revolut, we may also show the cost based on one of our paid plans (in addition to our Standard plan) where it is deemed optimal to the user. Please click on (i) next to the plan to view our plan subscription fees. Exchange rates and transfer fees displayed are illustrative and only refreshed every minute. Always check the applicable rate and transfer fees in-app before carrying out your transfer. While we hope the widget is a good reference point, we expect users to perform due diligence before initiating a transfer. Read more about how we collect this comparison data.

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Currency converter FAQs

  • There are many ways to convert currencies, so it's smart to compare providers and make sure you're getting the best rate. When converting money with Revolut, you'll always see the current Revolut exchange rate and any related fees beforehand.

You can convert your money with us in 3 ways:
    • Transferring money internationally
    • Exchanging currencies in-app
    • Spending abroad with your Revolut card
  • You can calculate conversions for most major currencies with our currency converter, and send money to 160+ countries using Revolut.

 You can also exchange 36 currencies in-app, and hold these currencies directly in your account. 

 Looking for a good way to spend during your next trip away? Pay in 70+ currencies with your Revolut card. US dollars (USD), British pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR), Indian rupees (INR), and Swiss francs (CHF) are some of the most popular currencies, but those are just the start.
  • Revolut sets their own exchange rate for currency conversion, just as banks and other financial providers often do. Depending on who you exchange with, you may pay more than you need to. 
 When you choose Revolut for exchanging currencies or sending money abroad, you'll always see the Revolut exchange rate in-app, so you can make an informed decision. That means no nasty surprises — ever.