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Our current rate1 BTC = £40,840.35
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NamePrice1h %24h %7d %Market cap24h volume
BTCBitcoinBTC£0.000020.49 %0.60 %1.11 %£793.85B£22.97B
ETHEthereumETH£2,364.270.71 %2.20 %5.35 %£280.22B£16.64B
USDTTetherUSDT£0.7920.11 %0.10 %0.46 %£77.44B£37.34B
SOLSolanaSOL£83.551.07 %1.81 %7.56 %£36.30B£2.08B
XRPRippleXRP£0.4300.20 %0.24 %0.95 %£23.32B£862.06M
USDCUS Dollar CoinUSDC£0.7920.12 %0.07 %0.35 %£22.16B£6.32B
ADACardanoADA£0.4740.27 %1.00 %1.26 %£16.44B£404.48M
AVAXAvalancheAVAX£29.630.70 %1.68 %11.01 %£11.04B£426.51M
TRXTronTRX£0.1110.03 %0.20 %6.50 %£9.72B£321.69M
DOGEDogecoinDOGE£0.0670.38 %1.34 %0.85 %£9.54B£328.90M
LINKChainlinkLINK£14.650.10 %0.21 %7.59 %£8.53B£421.45M
DOTPolkadotDOT£5.9890.73 %2.19 %3.48 %£7.88B£193.27M
MATICMaticMATIC£0.7690.50 %2.93 %8.19 %£7.06B£583.66M
ICPInternet ComputerICP£10.330.84 %1.14 %5.62 %£4.68B£119.60M
SHIBShiba InuSHIB£0.0000080.46 %1.84 %1.78 %£4.46B£164.36M
UNIUniswapUNI£5.8850.51 %2.70 %2.01 %£4.37B£88.97M
LTCLitecoinLTC£55.070.07 %1.54 %0.54 %£4.07B£238.73M
BCHBitcoin CashBCH£207.520.14 %0.50 %2.57 %£4.05B£120.35M
IMXImmutable XIMX£2.6580.65 %2.54 %5.59 %£3.58B£89.70M
FILFilecoinFIL£6.1962.06 %11.38 %34.56 %£3.08B£456.83M
HBARHederaHBAR£0.0891.15 %9.50 %35.80 %£2.99B£172.17M
ATOMCosmosATOM£7.8820.99 %0.30 %3.09 %£2.98B£181.73M
STXStacksSTX£2.0731.28 %2.48 %0.98 %£2.94B£135.73M
ETCEthereum ClassicETC£20.550.30 %0.61 %3.63 %£2.92B£142.26M
OPOP£2.9330.32 %1.32 %4.68 %£2.80B£217.94M
APTAptosAPT£7.4131.16 %2.35 %12.56 %£2.67B£97.19M
NEARNEAR ProtocolNEAR£2.5750.98 %2.52 %3.35 %£2.63B£170.77M
XLMStellarXLM£0.0920.06 %2.86 %0.30 %£2.61B£68.60M
INJInjectiveINJ£28.431.96 %2.17 %3.50 %£2.42B£148.91M
RNDRRender TokenRNDR£6.0593.53 %25.83 %53.65 %£2.18B£395.80M
LDOLido DAOLDO£2.4360.23 %1.03 %5.69 %£2.16B£66.01M
GRTThe GraphGRT£0.2300.41 %21.31 %59.17 %£2.14B£342.05M
CROCronosCRO£0.0730.09 %2.45 %0.46 %£1.92B£7.80M
ARBARB£1.4740.48 %0.11 %12.06 %£1.85B£343.03M
SUISUI£1.3410.36 %0.61 %9.21 %£1.55B£333.09M
MKRMakerMKR£1,622.860.38 %1.23 %0.79 %£1.48B£53.53M
EGLDElrondEGLD£46.390.65 %2.19 %3.27 %£1.21B£22.37M
ALGOAlgorandALGO£0.1540.71 %1.36 %1.48 %£1.21B£34.33M
QNTQuantQNT£82.500.02 %0.48 %4.29 %£1.20B£22.42M
AAVEAaveAAVE£73.250.35 %2.70 %0.05 %£1.07B£103.88M
MINAMinaMINA£1.0170.41 %0.77 %12.20 %£1.06B£28.26M
FLOWFlowFLOW£0.7191.26 %2.95 %4.92 %£1.05B£42.65M
FLRFLR£0.0270.83 %6.07 %4.43 %£934.24M£12.16M
FETFetch.aiFET£0.9515.99 %22.31 %80.60 %£934.12M£488.32M
SNXSynthetixSNX£2.8571.35 %4.07 %4.11 %£920.45M£24.74M
FTMFantomFTM£0.3290.97 %4.68 %0.28 %£907.49M£74.76M
CHZChilizCHZ£0.1020.15 %8.51 %19.85 %£902.03M£138.25M
SANDThe SandboxSAND£0.3940.58 %2.05 %0.98 %£869.38M£76.11M
AXSAxie InfinityAXS£6.1800.66 %1.77 %3.40 %£837.94M£61.28M
XTZTezosXTZ£0.8950.60 %5.65 %4.09 %£800.44M£41.36M
APEApeCoinAPE£1.3480.58 %1.42 %3.36 %£795.26M£65.45M
BLURBLUR£0.5590.35 %0.86 %5.19 %£791.72M£67.41M
GALAGalaGALA£0.0231.40 %8.43 %5.72 %£762.68M£77.03M
DYDXDYDX£2.3740.27 %0.97 %5.10 %£708.25M£63.26M
MANADecentralandMANA£0.3860.50 %3.03 %1.68 %£706.11M£58.42M
EOSEOSEOS£0.6100.46 %2.05 %0.52 %£689.24M£97.83M
KAVAKavaKAVA£0.6180.68 %2.38 %3.12 %£660.16M£12.95M
WAXLWAXL£1.1360.57 %12.39 %10.94 %£644.93M£11.52M
JASMYJasmyCoinJASMY£0.01210.81 %7.65 %144.50 %£566.70M£1.04B
ENSEthereum Name ServiceENS£17.460.05 %0.50 %6.44 %£535.27M£59.00M
CRVCurve DAO TokenCRV£0.4410.26 %6.68 %4.60 %£490.73M£48.57M
1INCH1INCH1INCH£0.3530.48 %4.20 %1.41 %£399.13M£25.67M
PEPEPEPE£0.00000101.26 %8.09 %0.78 %£396.25M£74.85M
SUPERSuperFarmSUPER£0.8361.10 %1.28 %2.70 %£372.20M£24.37M
LPTLivepeerLPT£11.921.06 %1.95 %85.89 %£372.15M£121.31M
ENJEnjin CoinENJ£0.2740.61 %5.41 %3.41 %£369.73M£23.41M
GMTSTEPNGMT£0.2100.30 %0.46 %2.88 %£364.62M£56.15M
OCEANOcean ProtocolOCEAN£0.6173.39 %13.64 %53.54 %£358.43M£131.10M
SKLSKALE NetworkSKL£0.0690.43 %3.43 %6.84 %£350.55M£12.17M
KSMKusamaKSM£37.190.11 %5.97 %2.56 %£330.78M£14.85M
MASKMask NetworkMASK£3.4330.87 %7.53 %16.38 %£323.85M£359.01M
API3API3API3£3.1831.01 %0.69 %15.21 %£323.81M£42.28M
COMPCompoundCOMP£47.220.21 %5.78 %2.57 %£321.39M£27.57M
CELOCeloCELO£0.5921.10 %3.63 %2.26 %£307.71M£11.23M
BATBasic Attention TokenBAT£0.2030.29 %3.58 %6.27 %£300.73M£31.97M
DASHDashDASH£24.080.42 %4.37 %4.65 %£277.43M£45.89M
LRCLoopringLRC£0.2050.50 %4.84 %2.26 %£251.99M£17.25M
AMPAmpAMP£0.0043.04 %36.28 %43.78 %£251.18M£97.38M
GALGalxeGAL£2.3940.12 %3.83 %18.81 %£249.65M£22.55M
UMAUniversal Market AccessUMA£3.0900.13 %0.23 %10.61 %£240.74M£19.76M
ZRX0xZRX£0.2900.27 %3.62 %3.46 %£238.29M£10.73M
ANKRAnkrANKR£0.0240.76 %3.41 %10.32 %£235.93M£17.95M
RLCiExec RLCRLC£3.3583.50 %13.50 %73.83 %£233.31M£127.16M
TRBTributesTRB£91.770.72 %2.67 %12.00 %£230.42M£43.02M
BANDBANDBAND£1.6030.41 %2.16 %1.67 %£221.10M£6.82M
BICOBiconomyBICO£0.3231.32 %2.90 %2.27 %£218.54M£7.86M
AUDIOAudiusAUDIO£0.1830.07 %2.10 %9.71 %£217.47M£8.80M
CTSICartesiCTSI£0.2750.98 %14.37 %11.47 %£210.42M£80.67M
YFIyearn.financeYFI£5,987.450.48 %3.12 %3.90 %£197.71M£13.77M
SUSHISushiSwapSUSHI£1.0351.11 %5.58 %6.84 %£195.89M£31.24M
BALBalancerBAL£3.4081.11 %5.00 %6.74 %£184.54M£5.37M
C98C98£0.2640.97 %6.30 %16.35 %£183.59M£14.04M
NMRNumeraiNMR£28.503.98 %13.09 %31.55 %£170.14M£22.33M
LCXLCXLCX£0.2120.11 %4.70 %6.41 %£160.89M£3.30M
PONDMarlinPOND£0.0170.84 %6.36 %7.34 %£134.07M£4.01M
BLZBluzelleBLZ£0.2900.52 %2.79 %9.69 %£122.55M£7.74M
COTICOTICOTI£0.0761.13 %3.99 %5.76 %£114.40M£9.26M
SYNSynapseSYN£0.5690.70 %1.74 %2.68 %£106.77M£7.07M
SPELLSpell TokenSPELL£0.00084.43 %61.43 %60.51 %£103.99M£183.95M
HFTHashflowHFT£0.2960.93 %7.92 %0.76 %£103.81M£21.69M
CELRCELR£0.0180.42 %6.80 %11.35 %£101.04M£8.10M
ACHAlchemy PayACH£0.0201.54 %9.27 %16.01 %£99.19M£25.32M
PLAPLA£0.1422.00 %7.66 %13.01 %£91.59M£19.57M
KNCKyber NetworkKNC£0.5260.45 %4.59 %2.29 %£88.40M£9.51M
AGLDAdventure GoldAGLD£1.1130.22 %7.52 %4.14 %£85.18M£9.17M
NKNNew Kind of NetworkNKN£0.1110.03 %4.48 %14.70 %£84.27M£35.33M
BNTBancorBNT£0.6110.48 %3.13 %7.52 %£79.71M£417.01K
STORJStorjSTORJ£0.5661.29 %3.36 %7.12 %£79.59M£26.81M
RADRadicleRAD£1.5510.24 %2.47 %0.97 %£76.73M£7.56M
PERPPerpetual ProtocolPERP£1.0550.92 %3.42 %7.74 %£75.42M£11.38M
RARESuperRareRARE£0.1100.05 %4.19 %18.76 %£70.66M£15.12M
POLSPolkastarterPOLS£0.7120.27 %2.00 %0.89 %£69.39M£1.78M
OGNOrigin ProtocolOGN£0.1400.62 %5.47 %1.45 %£69.28M£15.06M
CVCCivicCVC£0.0850.56 %0.53 %7.43 %£67.49M£4.52M
REQRequestREQ£0.0860.38 %2.80 %2.15 %£66.91M£32.59M
GODSGods UnchainedGODS£0.2260.29 %0.07 %12.39 %£61.29M£872.85K
OXTOrchidOXT£0.0960.03 %3.00 %14.95 %£56.73M£11.31M
TRUTrueFiTRU£0.0480.20 %6.23 %3.82 %£52.95M£3.96M
ARPAARPAARPA£0.0540.32 %4.13 %1.51 %£52.23M£23.83M
UNFIUnifi Protocol DAOUNFI£5.4510.26 %7.74 %3.78 %£41.58M£9.37M
CLVClover FinanceCLV£0.0501.47 %9.38 %8.62 %£38.95M£8.35M
IDEXIDEXIDEX£0.0490.46 %7.68 %6.47 %£38.87M£9.12M
XCNOnyxcoinXCN£0.0010.61 %7.57 %1.83 %£38.62M£11.58M
FORTHAmpleforth Governance TokenFORTH£3.0100.47 %5.93 %10.61 %£31.81M£1.90M
FIDABonfida TokenFIDA£0.2613.11 %8.18 %4.03 %£29.96M£3.25M
FARMFARM£37.100.71 %1.37 %5.76 %£24.52M£1.02M
MLNEnzymeMLN£14.540.72 %2.38 %1.30 %£20.87M£1.03M
TVKTVK£0.0751.32 %3.39 %47.97 %£15.12M£1.87M
GSTGreen Satoshi TokenGST£0.0101.16 %5.46 %3.00 %£9.67M£195.23K

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Crypto Price FAQs

  • Crypto market cap is the total value of all the coins of a particular cryptocurrency that have been mined or are in circulation. The market cap of a cryptocurrency is determined by the current price multiplied by the circulating supply. In other words, we can use this formula: Market cap = crypto price (per coin) x circulating supply. Circulating supply is the number of crypto tokens publicly available and circulating in the market. The market cap is used to help rank cryptocurrencies. The higher the market cap of a particular crypto coin, the higher its ranking and share of the market. Learn more
  • Crypto prices are always changing, but we stream the prices from the exchanges we’ve partnered with and calculate a Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP). Our resulting rate takes into account other factors, such as market depth and volatility. Learn more
  • Revolut is a great place to check crypto prices. You can track 100+ cryptocurrencies on Revolut across more than 36 currencies. Stay on top of metrics such as 24-hour trading volume, market cap, max supply, historical performance chart, the circulating supply, and more, directly in-app. Join Revolut to follow the performance of 100+ cryptocurrencies. You can also receive automated price volatility alerts and be notified whenever the price of cryptocurrencies moves more than 2%. Learn more
  • A cryptocurrency's 24hr trading volume is the total dollar value of coins that have exchanged hands, or been bought and sold, worldwide during a defined 24-hour period. This includes exchanges outside of Revolut. For example, if the 24hr volume for Bitcoin is $20 billion, it means that $20 billion worth of Bitcoin had changed hands across all exchanges worldwide in the last 24 hours, including those outside of Revolut. Learn more
  • A cryptocurrency's price definitely influences its market cap. Even if there are a small number of coins in circulation for a given cryptocurrency, the market cap will increase if the price of each coin is high. For example, if crypto coin X has a 100,000 circulating supply and each coin's value is $10,000, then the overall market cap will be $1 billion. To turn this into a quick formula, it would look like this: $10,000 (price) x 100,000 (circulating supply) = $1,000,000,000 (market cap) This means if a crypto coin has a high circulating supply, but a low price, the market cap will be lower. Here’s another example: $0.00005 (price) x 500,000 (circulating supply) = 25 (market cap)Learn more

Capital at risk.

You must be satisfied that this crypto offering is suitable for you in light of your financial circumstances and attitude towards risk before starting. The price or value of cryptocurrencies can rapidly increase or decrease at any time (and may even fall to zero). The risk of loss in holding cryptocurrencies can be substantial. Funds received by us in relation to cryptocurrency transactions will not be safeguarded (under the UK Electronic Money Regulations 2011) or covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. We do not make any representation regarding the advisability of transacting in cryptocurrency. We cannot guarantee the timeliness, accurateness, or completeness of any data or information used in connection with you holding any exposure to cryptocurrencies. We are also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority to offer cryptocurrency services under the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017.