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tropicfeel builds suppliers’ trust with fast payments

💼 Industry: retail | 📈 Stage: scale-up |📍 Headquarters: Spain ✅ Supported supply chain while facing 80% year-over-year growth ✅ Saved money on international payments and currency exchange

Global growth, high demand

Tropicfeel — an ecommerce brand for sustainable travel gear — became instantly global. They just had to master international transactions to maintain momentum.

The company has faced 80% year-to-year growth since the start, shipped to 140+ countries, and worked with responsibly-sourced manufacturers worldwide. Tropicfeel needed to sustain their supply chain to build long-term manufacturer relationships and satisfy customer demand. It all came down to payments.

Payments with purpose

Orders with overseas suppliers require forward-planning and strong cash flow. That’s why Tropicfeel adopted Revolut Business from day one — using our scalable payment tools available across 100+ countries and 25+ currencies. The team could manage their cash flow, exchange and send money quickly, then track the status of outgoing transactions, all within the app.

Speedy supply chain, sorted

Tropicfeel could settle up with suppliers on time, without worrying about delays or uncertainty. Not to mention our competitive interbank rate helped the company save on their operations. Revolut Business let the team move money where needed, when needed, to stay on top of supplier expectations for long-lasting relationships.
Alberto Espinos,
CEO & Co-founder • Tropicfeel“We deal with a challenging cash flow in many different currencies. We’ve been using Revolut Business right from the start to move money fast for overseas transactions. I would totally recommend it to other founders.”

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