Payment links for every possibility

Get your hard-earned money easily with a link. Create one in a few taps, share it, and customers can pay you in seconds. The possibilities are limitless.

Step 1

Create a link

Set the amount and currency you’ll accept. You can also set a limit for how many times you’ll reuse the link.
Create a link
Create a link
Share it
Get paid

Send it however, whenever

Every customer is different — luckily, you can share your link securely via email, text, social media, QR code, or invoice to reach each one easily. Create your link in seconds, and send it off.Sign up today

Customise to convert

Once your link’s landed, make sure you stand out. Personalise your payments page to offer a professional experience that helps customers recognise it’s you.

Just adding your logo and brand colours can boost conversions by up to 10%.

Use them again and again

Got a top seller, regular customer, or a bulk order? Reuse a link — instead of making a new one each time — and request multiple payments without delay.

If it’s a one-off sale or limited-time offer, you can limit reuses to organise your links. Offer ended or out of stock? Try pausing a link rather than deleting it, and resume it whenever you want. That’s sales made simple.

One link, 25+ currencies

Selling to people in Birmingham, Boston, or Brugge? No matter where your customers are — close or far — they can pay you in 25+ currencies. And you can keep it all in your Revolut Business account.

Crystal clear pricing

Keep more of what you earn with straightforward and competitive pricing. We’ll only charge you for successful payment processing.

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  • Payment Links are an easy way to accept card payments from your customers. Just create and share a link to receive card payments from people around the world, easily.

    You can create a Payment Link in your account by setting the amount and currency. You can even reuse links, set a limit of reuses for each, and customise your payments page.
  • Yes, Payment Links are a secure way to process payments. When customers click on the link, they’ll be taken to a secure payment page hosted by Revolut. The page offers a selection of payment options, including credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
  • Once your customers have made the payment, the funds will be available in your Merchant account within 24 hours*. Once the settlement goes through, you can withdraw the funds instantly into your Business account without any fees. Learn more.

    *The settlement period and pricing may be different for Revolut Pro accounts. Learn more about Pro accounts.
  • If you have more questions about Payment Links, check out our Help Centre where we answer many commonly asked questions.

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