Getting Back Together

Whether it was to travel Asia, take up an external job opportunity, or finish college and figure out career plans, they all came to the same conclusion: there’s no place like Revolut. 
 Meet Revoluters who left, only to rejoin and rediscover why it's such a unique place to work.

Daria - Support Specialist

Working remotely at Revolut allows me to manage my time well and find a balance between work and private life. I'm grateful that I can work from the comfort of my home. I feel more rested, I have more time for hobbies, and I have finally achieved a successful work-life balance
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Sonia - Product Designer

Revolut is definitely a place where you can meet highly motivated and very talented people. Such an environment is very nourishing and motivating. We are also a very diverse company, where people of different backgrounds, cultures, and languages work together
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