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Domestic and international payments

Save money with local and global transfers at excellent rates. Track the status of your transfers in real time, directly in-app, across both the mobile and web apps.

Multi-currency accounts

Receive, hold, and exchange money in 25+ currencies worldwide. Set up as many sub-accounts in each currency as you need to run your business.

Payment approvals and controls

Stay in control with easy payment approvals, limits, and real-time notifications. Configure payment approval rules to meet the needs of your business.

Bulk payments

Save time and effort by paying all your suppliers and employees in a few clicks. Set up single or multi-currency payments and upload bulk payment files.

Recurring and scheduled payments

Get on top of standing orders and recurring card payments. Spot duplicates, pause subscriptions, and get notified of changes so you'll never subscribe for longer than you need.

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"Super-fast payments, transparency on exact amounts, and no hidden fees really help build supplier trust."Alberto Espinos, CEO & Co-Founder • Tropic FeelLearn more
"We make payments in a few clicks at a great exchange rate. Revolut Business saves us time and money."Alžbeta Martišová, Head of Treasury • Kiwi

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