New ways to pay

Payments that
go places

High fees, long delays – why should your business pay the price for going global? With Revolut Business, cross-border payments are simple and seamless.

Improve the way you pay

Make instant business payments with Revtag

Sending money between friends and family has never been easier. So why shouldn’t it be for businesses too? Simply enter your supplier or employee’s tag, then hit send. Revtag means rapid money. No more waiting for payments to clear. Using Revtags, your recipient gets paid instantly, wherever they are.
 No transfer fees, no hidden charges. Revtag payments are without transfer fee – even when you go cross-border. An extra layer of security. Confirm your recipient’s name before paying – so you always know exactly where your money is going.
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Put your payments on autopilot

Pay by your rules

Customise who approves your payments to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Complete control. Keep payments secure with defined approval flows at team or individual seniority level.
 Custom build. Create approval flows that mirror the exact needs of your business for maximum oversight.
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Send payments without lifting a finger

Scale faster by automating your payments and minimising human error. Work smarter, not harder. Use our API to automatically send payments in real time, without the costs or hazards of doing it manually. See how it works here.
 Automate any payment. Keep customers and suppliers happy as you provide loans, insurance claims, and more – on time, every time.
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