Business fees

Business Fees (Basic)

Subscription Summary

Only the costs of card delivery and the plan fees are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) and the figures you see in the fee page are already inclusive of GST. All other fees are exempted from GST. You may make a request for an invoice through the Revolut app at any time.

Plan fee

Plastic Card

Metal Card

Virtual Cards

ATM withdrawals

S$0 per month

The first plastic card per Authorised Person will be delivered free.

Authorised Persons can order additional plastic cards in the app at a delivery cost starting at S$9.99 per card (exact costs will be advised in-app), up to a maximum of 3 physical cards per Authorised Person at a time.

Custom cards are not available under this plan.

Not available under this plan.

Up to 200 virtual cards per Authorised Person at a time.

2% fee on all withdrawals at ATMs outside of Singapore (ATM withdrawals are not available in Singapore).

You can withdraw up to £3000 per 24 hours (or the equivalent in SGD or other currencies).

Allowances and fees - Payments

Your plan comes with the following free allowances for payments. If you use up your plan allowance, you’ll pay the fee stated in the table below.

Type of Payment

Plan allowance

Flat fee outside of plan allowance

Domestic inbound and outbound transfers

5 per month.

S$0.2 per additional transfer.

International transfers (outbound)

0 per month

S$8 per additional transfer above the allowance

International transfers (inbound)

0 per month (USD, GBP, EUR, CHF inbound transfers are not counted towards the plan allowance. For the avoidance of doubt, any inbound international transfers in these currencies are not charged by Revolut although other fees may apply.)

S$8 per additional transfer above the allowance

Exchanging money currencies

Your plan comes with the following free FX allowance. You will pay the stated fees if you exceed this allowance or if you exchange outside of foreign exchange market hours.

Foreign exchange


FX Fair Usage Fee

Additional fees

Exchanging money currencies

S$1500 per month

0.6% fee where you exceed the allowance

1% if you’re exchanging money outside of foreign exchange market hours

Whenever you make a money currency exchange using Revolut Business, we use our simple and transparent pricing formula of real rate + any fees (see the above table) = total cost.

We use the real exchange rate for money currency exchanges (sometimes called the “interbank” rate). Here at Revolut, the real exchange rate means the average buy and sell rates we have determined for each currency pair based on the foreign exchange market data feeds we consume from a range of different independent sources. This is a variable exchange rate.

The additional fees we may charge depend on the parameters of your exchange (like the time when you’re exchanging currencies). You can see what these fees are in the app. They are also set out in the table above.

Billing Cycle

You will be billed for your plan fee monthly or yearly, depending on the choice you made when you signed up to your plan. All other fees will be billed monthly.

Your billing cycle is monthly, beginning on the monthly anniversary of the day you signed up to your plan. Your allowances will reset each billing cycle.

If you decide to change plan mid-billing cycle, your subscription will start again and your allowances will be reset according to your new plan immediately. We won’t refund any of the monthly subscription you paid.