Case study

Wild expands into new markets with speed — and control

💼 Industry: retail | 📈 Stage: scale-up |📍 Headquarters: UK ✅ 400% growth year-on-year ✅ Efficiently managed multi-currency spend

Getting the support to go global, fast

Wild — a sustainable personal hygiene brand from the UK — leveraged influencer marketing to expand across multiple global markets. But as their reach grew, so did the complexities.

To expand successfully, the company had to be able to manage expenses in different currencies expertly. Traditional banks kept making them jump through hoops, so they needed a solution that felt optimised, not punitive. That’s where Revolut Business came in.

A clear view of spend

The first thing Wild changed was purchasing, with all expenses across different currencies now running through Revolut Business, being uploaded directly to the app. The team integrated it with their accounting software too, so approvals could sync automatically.

From there, controls were added to each card — establishing tiers of spend, limits based on seniority and preventative measures against excesses. In short, everything was managed in one place on both a team and individual level.

A partnership to power growth

Now, Wild is completely unrecognisable as a company. With Revolut Business, they have a straightforward solution to support them as they scale. In a year, the company grew over 400% in revenue — in part, because they felt they could make market entry decisions in weeks, not months.

And while we can’t guarantee that level of growth for every business, we can provide the tools to make life easier. Even if, like Wild, your finance department still only has a population of one.
Arthur Edson,
Head of finance • Wild“We don’t have to consider any financial logistics any more. For us, using Revolut Business is a no-brainer. Everything is so straightforward.”

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