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Transformify (TFY) speeds up global payouts via API

💼 Industry: finance | 📈 Stage: enterprise |📍 Headquarters: United Kingdom ✅ Fast transfers let them offer guaranteed same-day payments ✅ API Payouts minimised the risk of failed or delayed payments

A need for new payment providers

Transformify (TFY) is a global payroll and workforce management system that simplifies the process of hiring freelancers, independent contractors, and vendors — while helping companies manage remote teams and stay compliant. 

A big part of it is organising and disbursing high-volume client payouts to workers across 184 countries. As they expanded, Transformify (TFY) needed to offer the best, and most cost-effective, ways to send money around the world quickly — without the manual effort.

A need for new payment providers

Simple and swift payouts using API

Transformify (TFY) added Revolut Business to their selection of payment providers, adopting our API Payouts to streamline their workflow and extend their global coverage.

The API let Transformify (TFY) automatically disburse same-day paychecks to global remote workers, with real-time tracking. They were able to minimise errors and avoid delays — retrieving recipient details, scheduling payouts, and reconciling accounting data automatically, without having to open their Revolut Business account.

Our multi-currency account features also allowed the company pay their contractors in GBP, EUR, and USD to operate seamlessly on a global scale.

Simple and swift payouts using API

Wide coverage, minimal costs

Revolut Business offered Transformify (TFY) a dependable and cost-efficient way to manage client payouts to global contractors and freelance employees.

Even better, with automated payouts, it was easy to make deadlines and build trust where it matters. It’s no wonder we soon became their favourite payment provider for international transfers. The volume of payments they’ve processed with us has tripled since implementing the API, and it keeps growing.

Transformify (TFY) enjoys our wide coverage and competitive fees. Implementing the API let them accelerate their payments, reduce errors, and get real financial control. It was a simple solution that allowed them to focus on empowering remote workers worldwide.

Wide coverage, minimal costs
Lilia Stoyanov, CEO • Transformify (TFY)“API payouts improved our workflow. It’s offers me peace of mind as a CEO: payments aren’t duplicated, and we have more control over all transactions.”

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