Working at Revolut

We’re no ordinary fintech. We’re a rocketship shooting for the moon, and our Revoluters are the talented crew that will help get us there. We’re proud to offer an environment where our people thrive. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out what makes Revolut a great place to work, straight from the source.

Jacqueline - Product Designer

As a product designer, my work is particularly exciting, as often there are little-to-no examples of how others in the market are tackling a problem space — essentially giving us a blank canvas. 

There’s little that feels more rewarding than seeing something you’ve designed in the hands of millions of customers around the world, and to be able to witness the positive impact you created with your team.

Artur - Senior 
Software Engineer

We love to build products that people love, so having the freedom to give our feedback and impact new features motivates me not only to do my job, but to go above and beyond.  
 I work on our <18 product and I have the best customer I could ever imagine — my son! I listen carefully to his feedback and make sure that the product we build is not only fun but also educational.

Neha - Product Owner

Having a background in consulting, I had a desire to work in a challenging environment with a dense concentration of skilled individuals. And, I discovered this, and much more, with Revolut. 
 The proficiency of the Revolut team is unmatched, and being part of such a competent group has not only motivated me to perform at my highest potential, but also pushed me to surpass my previous limits.

Daria - Operations Manager

In the last two years, I’ve figured that my productivity and focus levels are highest when I work from home. But there are also times when in-person meetings could also be beneficial for establishing new partnerships, strengthening existing collaborations, and just having an opportunity to share ideas. 

 Thanks for giving us freedom of choice, and the needed conditions to deliver the best results!

Vinicius - Head of Growth

Being a part of expanding the largest fintech in Europe to Latin America is rewarding. I joined less than a year ago, and the Brazil rocket ship was almost ready to launch. The A players on local and global teams created an excellent strategy and go-to-market plan, so when I onboarded, I could start executing our growth in the market immediately, overcoming challenges and learning to adapt along the way. We are reinventing how the world, and now Brazil, does money. I am excited to be part of it and see my work's real-time impact at Revolut.

Arek - Android Software Engineer

Beyond earning a competitive salary and getting valuable benefits, I joined Revolut because I feel valued and recognised as a member of a global team. It's rewarding to know that, as a result of my good work, I have the potential to be incentivised with an increasing company valuation through stock options. This motivates me to continue working hard and allocating my time wisely, which could lead to even greater rewards for myself and the company as a whole.

Whether it was to travel Asia, take up an external job opportunity, or finish their studies and figure out career plans, they all came to the same conclusion: there’s no place like Revolut. Meet Revoluters who left, only to rejoin and resdiscover why it's such a unique place to work.

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