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Bizaway streamlines spending with a central account

💼 Industry: business travel | 📈 Stage: scale-up |📍 Headquarters: Italy ✅ Processing millions of euros in transactions each month ✅ Gained better control over cash flow and spend with one central hub

The obstacles of global payments

BizAway, a global business travel solution, needed a scalable solution for managing overseas payments — especially as its team grew from 28 to 160.

Initially, BizAway moved money into prepaid accounts to pay travel providers globally — an approach that was time-consuming and involved a lot of red tape. The company needed to send money in the right currency, fast and dependably, to maintain high-quality services for travel clients and providers.

Flexible spend with virtual cards

BizAway started using our virtual cards to pay global providers in different currencies, quickly and securely, directly from their Revolut Business account. The team could create new virtual cards for each supplier and set limits for better spend tracking and control. It became their secret to smooth reconciliation.

From slow to seamless spend

Virtual cards transformed the way BizAway handled overseas payments. The company could process thousands of global transactions worth millions of euros monthly — all from one central account without the added steps. The simple, scalable approach helped them maintain strong business relationships.
Luca Carlucci,
CEO • BizAway“With Revolut Business, our cards draw directly from our central account with no need to pre-pay. We get an overview of our spend and can send statements directly.”

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