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Revolut Terms of Business - Ireland

1. General

These Terms of Business set out the basis on which Revolut Bank UAB (RBUAB) and Revolut Insurance Europe UAB (RIEUAB) (together, Revolut, we, or us) will provide products and services to you as our customer (you). The Terms of Business cover any Revolut customers in Ireland (but not including Northern Ireland) who are “consumers'' for the purposes of the Consumer Protection Code 2012.

2. About Revolut

We are part of a group of companies (the Revolut Group) that provides services and products to customers around the world. The Revolut Group has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Each of RBUAB and RIEUAB has its head office in the Republic of Lithuania and will provide services to you in Ireland on a cross-border basis in accordance with EU and Irish laws and requirements.

RBUAB is a credit institution (i.e. a bank) and has its registered office at Konstitucijos ave. 21B, LT-08130 Vilnius, Lithuania. RBUAB is authorised by the Bank of Lithuania in the Republic of Lithuania and the European Central Bank and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules. RBUAB has established a branch in Ireland at 2 Dublin Landings, North Wall, Dublin 1.

RIEUAB is an insurance brokerage undertaking (i.e. an insurance distributor) and has its registered office at Konstitucijos ave. 21B, 08130 Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania. RIEUAB is authorised by the Bank of Lithuania in the Republic of Lithuania and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules.

3. Contact us

You can contact us via the Revolut App chat function.

4. Consumer Protection Codes

We are supervised by the Central Bank of Ireland for Irish conduct of business rules, including the Consumer Protection Code (2012) (CPC) and the Minimum Competency Code 2017 (the MCC). The CPC and MCC offer protection to customers where entities provide regulated products and services to customers. You can access a copy of these codes here.

5. Products and Services

Revolut provides a range of products and services to consumers in Ireland, including:

  • Current accounts
  • Card and payment services
  • Credit products
  • Deposit accounts
  • Foreign exchange
  • Insurance distribution

RIEUAB has insurance partners, an up-to-date list which is set out in our Insurance terms and conditions and also our Plus, Premium & Metal terms available here.

Our insurance partners are not members of the Revolut Group and we are not under any contractual obligation to conduct insurance distribution business exclusively with insurance partners. We simply choose them because they provide insurance products which we think our customers may find useful. We don't advise you on whether a particular insurance product is appropriate for your needs and circumstances, but we do provide you with information about these insurance products which should help you make this decision. We also don't provide our staff with incentives for selling insurance products.

6. Deposit Insurance Information

Deposits held with RBUAB are insured by the Lithuanian State Company “Deposit and Investment Insurance”. This insurance coverage limit is up to one hundred thousand euro (€100,000) for a single depositor for all deposits held with RBUAB. More information can be found here.

7. Charges

We charge you for some of our products and services. This can be in the form of interest, fees or other charges. The individual terms and conditions for a product or service will clearly set out the way in which we charge you. We make our terms and conditions available on our website and when you sign up for a specific product or service.

8. Conflicts of Interest

It is Revolut’s policy to mitigate, and where necessary avoid, conflicts of interest when providing products or services to its customers. In instances where conflicts of interest arise, and such conflicts of interest cannot reasonably be avoided, Revolut will inform its customers of the conflict of interest and will use reasonable endeavours to resolve such conflicts of interest to ensure that customers are treated fairly.

9. Customer default

At all times, Revolut will seek to assist, and work with, customers who may be experiencing financial difficulties or who are defaulting on their obligations to us. In certain cases, Revolut may need to exercise its legal rights and remedies as provided for under contract (which may include legal proceedings and enforcement). Revolut will handle all cases of customer financial difficulties or default in accordance with the Revolut’s legal and regulatory obligations.

10. Complaints

If you have any complaint in relation to our products or services, please refer to our Complaints Policy on the Revolut website. Alternatively, if you have any queries on our complaints handling procedure, please contact us via the Revolut App chat function.

11. Personal Data

We need to process certain personal data about you when providing our products and services.

We process your personal data in accordance with our Customer Privacy Notice (which you acknowledged when you created your Revolut account and which you can access at any time through the Revolut app or Revolut’s website).

As set out in greater detail in our Customer Privacy Notice, we will use your personal data for various purposes, including to:

  • carry out our duties to you under these terms of business;
  • protect you against fraud, keep to financial crime laws and to confirm that you’re eligible to use our services;
  • market products and services that might interest you;
  • keep our services up and running;
  • prepare anonymous statistical datasets about customer spending patterns;
  • improve our products and services;
  • ensure we can comply with our legal obligations; and
  • if you apply for and use our credit products:
  1. carry out credit checks to better understand your financial circumstances and repayment history;
  2. share your personal data with credit reference agencies (or other providers of credit information);
  3. to recover debt and exercise rights we have under these terms of business or any other agreement we have with you; and/or
  4. determine an appropriate credit limit for you.

12. Effective Date

The Terms of Business apply from 23 January 2023. We will notify you of any material change to the Terms of Business. Our current Terms of Business, as may be amended from time to time, are available on the Revolut website and the Revolut App.