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Discover RevPoints — our free points programme offering up to 1 point per €1 spent on your Revolut card depending on your plan. Use your points on rewards including air miles, Stays discounts, and more. RevPoints T&Cs apply.

Turn your points into travel

Get ready to see the world, when you convert your points into air miles. Get 1 mile for each point, with top airlines like KLM, British Airways, Air France, Iberia, and many more.
Turn your points into places to stay
Turn your points into things to do
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Pick up points every day

Depending on your plan, gain up to 1 point per €1 spent — your everyday spend has never been so rewarding.Download the app

Boost your points balance

Complete challenges in-app to earn even more. Things like opening a Pocket for your bills, or meeting a budget goal will help improve your finances, as well as earn you more points.
Boost your points balance
Make every penny count