Buy into bonds for a regular payday

Add bonds to your portfolio and enjoy fixed, regular interest payments — up to 5.5%¹ annually.

Get behind global institutions

Put your money to work on the global stage by investing in government bonds. They offer a lower level of risk compared to many other investment options as well as a predictable source of fixed income.

Get paid like clockwork

Bonds offer fixed interest payments — up to 5.5%¹ annually — at regular intervals. Use the predictability of these payments to help you budget, plan for purchases, or simply treat yourself.

Scored for success

Each bond is rated for its credit-worthiness and risk. You also get full details of return rates, maturity periods, and payment dates up front — leaving you with no ambiguity about what you’re investing in.Buy bonds

Bring it all back home

As if regular, fixed payments wasn’t good enough, with bonds you get your initial investment back at the end of the maturity period — the cherry on top.

Let’s break it down

Follow these simple steps to get started with investing in bonds — we know you want to. If you want to read more about bonds, check out our blog post.

¹The shown yield is gross and it is not a reliable indicator of future performance. You might lose your whole investment if the issuer defaults.

About the risks

Investing in bonds, while often considered safer than stocks, still carries its share of risks. These include interest rate fluctuations, credit risk, inflation eroding returns, liquidity issues, and reinvestment risk. It’s also important to remember that a company or government may default at any point during the bond duration, potentially resulting in the total loss of your initial investment. Managing these risks is essential for maintaining a balanced portfolio. To earn the promised yield from the bond, you must reinvest each coupon payment into the same bond at a yield equal to or greater than the initial yield.

  • Yes. Once you have bought a bond, you can sell it at any point without waiting for maturity — subject to market demand. However, to achieve the stated yield to maturity, you’ll need to hold your investment until maturity.
  • Commission for each trade is 0.25% or EUR/USD 1 (whichever is higher). There are no other fees for bond trades. Please note that commission-free trades, according to your plan, do not apply to bonds.
  • When purchasing a company's stock, you're buying ownership in that company. You rely on potential dividends or stock price gains for returns, but you’re also exposed to the risk of stock price decline. On the other hand, buying a corporate bond makes you a creditor, lending cash to the company in exchange for interest payments and repayment of the loan at maturity. Bonds generally offer more stable income with lower risk, while stocks carry the potential for higher returns alongside higher risk.
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