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WeRoad cuts costs by spending like locals

💼 Industry: Travel | 📈 Stage: Scale-up |📍 Headquarters: Italy ✅ Moved from cash to cards to pay local suppliers in 100+ countries ✅ Improved accuracy of team spending

Facing barriers to growth at home and abroad

As a dynamic adventure travel firm, WeRoad curates sensational on-the-road tours worldwide. Backpackers can choose from over 100 adventures, with an emphasis on connecting with fellow travellers.

Tasked with managing groups of adventurers, WeRoad’s tour coordinators were caught in the complexities of cash. How could they pay for activities abroad, avoid extortionate exchange fees, and reconcile their payments?


Using cards for global spending

With Revolut Business, WeRoad's tour coordinators get their own debit cards, linked to WeRoad’s Business account. Their cards draw from specific multi-currency accounts, set up with a budget before tours begin, in their destination's local currency.

And with over 25 currencies available to exchange at the interbank rate at any time, WeRoad’s staff can always access cost-effective local currencies. Even on the road.

WeRoad can also easily pay global suppliers and partners ahead of time, like booking hotels and transport. Most importantly, checking if and when payments are received is simple.


Accounting for spend with ease

With no reliance on physical cash, budgeting and reconciliation is a breeze. Tour coordinators spend in local currencies with debit cards linked to a specific currency account. Once a tour’s complete, WeRoad can easily track every cent, franc, and penny spent — all in-app. No more chasing invoices and receipts.

This new way of managing and tracking spend has meant WeRoad saves money every day, cementing their position as a savvy and resourceful player in the adventure travel industry.

Elena Giombelli, CFO • WeRoad“We can minimise the use of cash, reconciliation has been streamlined and more accurate, and we also save money on foreign exchange with Revolut Business’ FX services and multi-currency accounts.”

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