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Vivagym optimises global payments

💼 Industry: fitness | 📈 Stage: scale-up |📍 Headquarters: Spain ✅ Slashed international payment time by 50% ✅ Reduced international payment costs by 90%

Heavy lifting and high fees

VivaGym, an international fitness provider, needed to perfect how they managed financial transactions with overseas suppliers.

Traditional channels through Spanish banks offered poor exchange rates and high fees. The company faced a 2-day minimum wait for funds to reach recipient accounts — especially when sending to the UK. It was time to speed up the transfer process and avoid unnecessary costs.

Game-changing global tools

VivaGym started using Revolut Business' multi-currency accounts, interbank rate currency exchange, and fast international payments to lower turnaround times and costs. The team could pay global suppliers in their local currencies with ease. And just like that, they were able to streamline transfers and exchanges from one central Business account supporting 25+ currencies.

Cutting costs and trimming time

VivaGym successfully cut global payments costs by a staggering 90% versus previous years thanks to our favourable exchange rates and lower international transfer fees. Then there was the speed. Funds arrived with global partners on the same business day, 50% faster than before — so the team didn't need to factor in waiting times.
Alicia Morales, Finance & Admin Director, VivaGym"With Revolut Business, we've achieved a staggering 90% cost reduction compared to previous years. Previously, same-day transfers to UK funds were a challenge; now, payments are received on the very same day."

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