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Staying safe from fraud and scams

A run-through of what to look out for — and how to act
fast if you spot something unusual.

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Need help? here’s what to do

  • If you’re concerned your card has been compromised, freeze your card immediately. If you believe your account has been used fraudulently, fill out a chargeback form and we’ll help you resolve the issue.Learn more
  • If you think your account is at risk, immediately end any type of communication with the suspected scammer. Contact Revolut, and any other financial institution involved. Report the incident to the police.Report fraud
  • Disconnect your account from the previous device. Try to use another device to log in to your account and change your passcode for security. If you're unable to login using another device, there are a couple of ways to recover your access.Learn more
  • If your account is temporarily restricted, please provide the information we are requesting in-app, as this will help resolve the issue much faster. If need help with any other issues relating to to this, please get in touch with our team.Learn more

Fraud or scam?

Understand what defines fraud and scams — then spot them in the wild easily.

Look for the signs

Keeping your money safe is our top priority. Stay alert, and always treat transactions or transfers to new people, merchants, or organisations with caution. Here are a few things to ask yourself:

  1. 1

    Do you feel rushed?

    Scammers often create a sense of urgency to cause panic, or that there is a limited time for you to act within.

  2. 2

    Is it out of the blue?

    It’s unlikely that legitimate businesses will try to discuss your personal information with you without warning, or outside of their official channels.

  3. 3

    Is it too good to be true?

    Be skeptical if you’re offered a higher than average investment return, a holiday of a lifetime, or a job with an unbelievable salary.

  4. 4

    Are they reassuring?

    A sophisticated scammer will try to put you at ease. If you’re in doubt, take your time to consider the situation — and get a second opinion from a friend or family member.

This is what protection looks like

Protected by a 4,000 strong, 24/7 financial crime team, we estimate that Revolut customers saved more than 13,121 billion Kč in potentially fraudulent transactions in 2023 alone.

13,121 billion Kč

All shapes. All sizes. All scams.

Bank transfer scams — where criminals trick you into sending your money into another account — are on the rise. If a transfer looks suspicious, we’ll provide in-app warnings. Please take these seriously.

Purchase scamsCheap Taylor Swift tickets or a half-price phone found through social media? Scammers love marketplace offers. Consider cash on collection, or shop through platforms with buyer protection.
Investment scamsAlways invest using licensed investment platforms or companies, and check that the platform is trustworthy before investing. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Impersonation scamsScammers pretend to be legitimate organisations, like tax officials, the police, or Revolut. Don’t feel pressured into making any transactions when instructed by someone following unexpected contact.
Job scamsAn employment opportunity that requires an up-front payment or loan, typically started via a messaging app, or impersonating legitimate companies.
Romance scamsA relationship that builds over time, then evolves into an ask for money or access to personal details. Watch out for people making excuses not to meet face-to-face.
Delivery scamsIf you receive a message saying a parcel is stuck, or a delivery has failed, always check with the delivery company’s official channels. Don’t hand over any important information.
Charity scamsBe cautious if a charity lacks clear details about its mission or fund usage. Check it has a professional website, and be wary of unsolicited calls asking for donations.
Rental scamsFound a nice flat on Airbnb, but your host insists on you paying by a bank transfer? Red flag. Always use the booking platform so you have protection.
Triangle scamsIf you're asked to make a purchase for someone else, beware. This might be a triangle scam, where a scammer uses stolen payment info to buy goods and has you forward them. Secure your data, report the scam — and don’t make any transactions.

Review, then recognise – or reject

Verify transactions when requested by the seller, and review all your outgoings in-app. If you don’t recognise something, it may be a fraudulent transaction - so freeze your card and report the transaction to Revolut.
Review, then recognise – or reject
Cards that freeze, fast
Keep your ID personal

Resources and tools

The more you know, the more aware you’ll be. Dive deeper to build your security knowledge.