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Our current rate1 INJ = $26.09
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1 INJ = $26.09

$20.0164329.60 %
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Market cap$2.55B
Circulating supply97,152,222
Max supply-
24h trading volume$220.66M
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About INJ

Injective is an open, interoperable layer-one blockchain for building powerful DeFi applications. Injective uniquely provides plug-and-play financial infrastructure primitives, such as a high performance on-chain decentralised exchange infrastructure, decentralised bridges, oracles, and a composable smart contract layer with CosmWasm.
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1 USD0.03787350 INJ
5 USD0.18936752 INJ
10 USD0.37873505 INJ
25 USD0.94683762 INJ
50 USD1.89367525 INJ
100 USD3.78735051 INJ
500 USD18.93675259 INJ
1,000 USD37.87350518 INJ
5,000 USD189.36752593 INJ
10,000 USD378.73505187 INJ
50,000 USD1,893.67525938 INJ
1 INJ25.60 USD
5 INJ128.04 USD
10 INJ256.08 USD
25 INJ640.21 USD
50 INJ1,280.43 USD
100 INJ2,560.86 USD
500 INJ12,804.33 USD
1,000 INJ25,608.67 USD
5,000 INJ128,043.39 USD
10,000 INJ256,086.79 USD
50,000 INJ1,280,433.95 USD

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Injective to US Dollars price charts

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  • A market order is an order to buy or sell a stock at the market’s current best available price. Market orders are often prioritised over other order types, which generally means they're completed right away during trading hours. Creating a market order usually ensures it'll get executed, but it doesn't guarantee you'll get a specified price. So, this type of order is often used by investors who want to complete their orders quickly.Learn more.
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  • You can buy Injective your way. Choose between a market order, stop order, limit order, or recurring buy to purchase INJ with USD. If you'd like to convert INJ to a USD balance that you already hold with Revolut, you can do so with a market order. Just follow these steps:
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    3. Choose your currency. Pick USD as the currency you want to convert your INJ into.
    4. Enter the amount you want to sell. Choose how much INJ you want to convert to USD.
    5. Check the conversion rate of INJ to USD. Look at the INJ to USD rate and any fees that may be involved.
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