Lock in future exchange rates

Protect your business against currency volatility with Forwards. Get a fixed exchange rate for the future today

Fix your exchange rates for up to 12 months

Get fixed rates straight through the web app. Set your amount, and carry out currency contracts in GBP, EUR & USD on a specific date or flexible basis. Contact our sales team to set up contract tenures longer than 12 months.

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Access £500k in forward contracts, automatically

Create contracts up to our £500k default limit. Speak to our sales team to request contract limits up to £15 million.

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Enjoy transparent terms, with no hidden fees

We charge a flat 0.8% fee and ask for a 5% initial deposit, refunded proportionately upon contract completion. For larger contracts, we may be able to offer more flexible fees and deposits.

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Manage your contracts online, 24/7

View rates, set dates, and secure your required amount straight from our web app. Cancel your contract anytime for a fee,* without the manual paperwork or hassle. In short, you're in control. *Details in the FAQ below

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Available for all businesses, big and small

Forwards is available for any business on a Revolut Business company plan. You'll need to be incorporated in the UK or EEA as an LTD or PLC, or buy or sell currency for commercial purposes.

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Forwards FAQs

  • Forward contracts help you hedge against volatile currency exchange rates, locking in the current rate over a set time period for a fixed value.
  • If you're on a company plan, there's no need to sign up to Forwards. You can access it from your Revolut Business account via the desktop app. Find it either on the left sidebar menu or in the Hub. To start using Forwards, the account owner needs to read and agree to our terms and conditions. After accepting our T&Cs, we'll create a hedging account for you. Then you're ready to start creating forward contracts.
  • Fixed date contracts allow you to exchange currencies on a specific, pre-agreed future date. Flexible date contracts allow you to exchange all or part of the contract value any time between two future dates of your choosing, in one or more exchanges.
  • Yes, you can cancel your forward contract anytime. We'll just ask you to pay the 0.8% Forwards markup fee, and any mark-to-market difference, which is the difference in the contract's value between the time of booking and the date of cancelling. This mark-to-market difference could be a refund or a charge depending on the market conditions. When you cancel, we'll return the 5% deposit to you, with the 0.8% fee subtracted and the mark-to-market difference either added or subtracted.