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Electronic Verification Consent

Electronic Verification Consent

Why must we verify your identity?

We are obligated under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 to verify the identity of our users before we can provide our users with our products and services. If you are a Business user, we also need to verify the identity of certain individuals such as the directors of your Company or partners in a partnership.

With your consent, we can quickly verify your identity electronically by checking independent databases or verify your identity with credit reporting agencies. Please see below for more information.

If you are a Business user and you are providing the personal information on behalf of someone else, you confirm that you are authorised to provide the personal information provided.

If you or anyone else we are required to conduct identity verification on do not consent to these Terms, then we may not be able to provide you with our products or services. However, we may make available alternative means of verifying identity in certain instances.

If you have any privacy related enquiries, please contact us at [email protected].

Verification using Electronic Sources

By proceeding with electronic ID verification, you agree that:

  1. You are requesting Revolut to verify your identity;
  2. You are authorised to provide Revolut with personal information on behalf of the person whose personal information you are providing;
  3. Revolut will share your personal information with our service providers and external data sources, including Official Record Holders via third party systems such as the Document Verification System (DVS), to assist us to verify your identity in compliance with relevant laws. These third parties will assess the extent to which your information matches information in their databases (Information Match Request) and report the results to Revolut (Information Match Result); and
  4. Your personal information may be transmitted from New Zealand to Australia, or vice versa.

Verification using Credit Reporting Agencies

By proceeding, you agree that:

  1. We may disclose your personal information (including name, residential address and date of birth) to a credit reporting agency (Agency);
  2. We may request that the Agency provide an assessment of whether the personal information provided by you matches (in whole or in part) that held by the Agency; and
  3. The Agency may prepare and provide to us the assessment and may use personal information of you and other individuals for the purposes of preparing such an assessment.

Our Privacy Policy

Revolut will keep full and proper records of your personal information, as well as any confirmations and consents you have provided. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.