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I need to verify my source of funds

As a regulated body, and in line with our Terms and Conditions, we are required to understand our clients' activity. This means occasionally we review accounts and may request additional information from those accounts. We do this to make sure your money is safe and that we meet our legal requirements. Click here to go to requests.

Depending upon how your business generates money, we may need you to upload the following documents in order to verify your source of funds:

  • Your external bank account statements (please make sure your main income is visible)
  • Invoices issued to your key customers
  • Acquirer Statements such as Stripe or PayPal

We also accept the following signed and dated documents:

  • Funding/Subscription agreements
  • Purchase Agreements/Contracts
  • Loan Agreements

Please note that we cannot accept or recognise any activity on your business account that is related to your personal spending. For your personal expenses we recommend you set up a personal Revolut account.

Note: we may contact you in order to clarify any other activity on your account aside from your Source of funds. See here.

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