Benefits for teenagers

Spend and save with Revolut <18

The power of Revolut, built for teens. It’s your money, your way.

Make your money go the distance

Track your activity in the Revolut <18 app and get instant alerts to stick to budget and build healthy money habits

Smash your savings goals

Thinking about college? Or maybe just the latest new sneakers? Save towards your goals and track your progress in the Revolut <18 app. Keep savings separate so you won’t spend them by accident

How will you spend it?

You choose how to spend, with either your contactless Revolut <18 card or Apple or Google Pay. Age restrictions apply

Unleash your creativity

Design your own Revolut <18 card the way you want. Draw on it, add text, even add emojis. Make it as unique as you are. Personalisation fees may apply

Tell friends to “Revolut me!”

Send and receive money to friends on 
Revolut <18 for free. Add a little personality to your requests with gifs and notes

Rise up to the challenge

Complete tasks and challenges to get paid instantly on Revolut <18 when you’re done. Cleaned the car? Awesome. Tidied your room? Sorted!

Keen to get started with your account?

Here’s the tea on all things <18

How does Revolut <18 work?

  1. 1

    Download the Revolut <18 app and create an account

  2. 2

    Get approved by your parents or guardians

  3. 3
    And go!

    Get your Revolut <18 card, personalise it (fees may apply), and add to Apple or Google pay to start spending straight away (age restrictions apply)

Teens aged 13 and above can create an account for free with parent or guardian approval. If you’re age 12 or under, a parent or guardian will need to create an account for you from their Revolut app. Payments to and from customers on Revolut <18 are only available to teens aged 13+.