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Payment Terms - ApplePay

Revolut Bank UAB and its Netherlands Branch’s Payment Processing Services Agreement states that its Payment Processing Services may be subject to additional terms relating to a specific Payment Method. This agreement sets out those additional terms and conditions for the ApplePay Web Payment Method. We call them the "ApplePay Terms".

You cannot use ApplePay to receive payments unless you first enter into a Payment Processing Services Agreement with Revolut Bank UAB or its Netherlands branch.

When you use ApplePay, you must comply with Apple’s own ApplePay Web Merchant Terms and Conditions. The current version is available on Apple’s website here, but Apple may change them from time to time.

The current version of Apple’s own ApplePay Web Merchant Terms and Conditions, from time to time, forms part of these ApplePay Terms. This means that by agreeing to be bound by these ApplePay Terms, you are agreeing to being bound by Apple’s own ApplePay Web Merchant Terms and Conditions as well.