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Why is the document from the register not accepted as a confirmation of the operating address?

Our business account is currently available for companies registered in and with a physical presence within the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.

For now, it’s essential that applicants can prove they’ve got a physical presence in the area. This is why we ask for evidence of your operating address.

There are a number of different documents you can use as proof, though we’d prefer to receive:

  • The rental agreement for your office (duration of the agreement should be at least six months and the agreement must be valid on the day of onboarding);
  • Three consecutive invoices and the contract from a co-working space provider (must be valid on the day of onboarding);
  • Utility bills e.g. electricity, water, landline telephone bills;
  • An employee payslip with proof of the employee's address in the EEA or Switzerland in addition to their ID showing their right to reside in the EEA or Switzerland.
  • We also accept a number of other documents – such as a bank statement (as long as it’s not from a digital bank) or a National Companies Registry extract that includes your operating address. However, we may get in touch to ask for some clarification on these.

If you work from home, you can use your personal address when applying for a Revolut Business account. In this case, we’ll accept your TV licence documentation, rental payment confirmation, government correspondence or your rental agreement.

All proof must be dated within the last three months.

We’re planning to expand all over the world in the near future. If you register your interest with us, we'll get in touch when Revolut Business is available where you are.

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