Hvordan kan vi hjelpe deg?

How do I setup Expense Management?

Just click on "Expenses" from the 'Tools' menu, then "Set up". You will then go through a a few simple steps:

1) Decide whether to connect the feature to an accounting software like Xero, or to use it standalone. If you connect to Xero, we will import categories, tax rates and export completed expenses.

2) Select which categories you want to be visibile to your team members in the mobile app. The shorter the option list is, the easier the expense categorisation will be.

3) Select the required information. You can decide which information is required from other team members between receipts, category and description. Based on your settings, we will remind team members to add missing information to their expenses.

4) Select which cards to enable this feature for. You can change this later. This might be useful should you decide to onboard your team members gradually, or if you have subscription virtual cards that you wish to process differently.

5) Select the date you want to start processing expenses from. This can be very useful for you to migrate from an existing solution. You might want to start processing expenses with this tool from a date in the future or in the past.

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