Revolut waives fees on remittances to Malaysia and India to support families battling the pandemic

Product & feature · 10 June 2021

  • To support global customers and their families, Revolut will temporarily waive fees on international remittances directed to India and Malaysia
  • Last month, Revolut announced that it would waive fees on remittances to India. This has been extended for a further 30 days to 10 July 2021
  • Revolut has also added Malaysia to the list. Remittances to Malaysia will be free for all customers until 10 July 2021

Revolut has announced that it is extending the waiving of fees on cross-border remittance payments to India for a further 30 days to 10 July 2021. In addition, it will be waiving fees on cross-border remittance payments to Malaysia.

This temporary waiving of fees is intended to help individuals who are remitting to India and Malaysia to support loved ones during this challenging time.

Last month, India was struck by a devastating second wave of COVID-19 infections. Although India has begun to ease restrictions, citizens will continue to depend on much-needed remittances from family members working overseas to ride out the economic impact the pandemic has had on the country.

Malaysia has for several weeks been reporting Southeast Asia’s heaviest caseload per capita, forcing the country to go into a two-week lockdown since 1 June 2021. While infection numbers are showing a downward trend, the number of daily infections remains high, with total cases breaching 600,000 in recent days.

James Shanahan, CEO of Revolut Singapore, says: “Malaysians in Singapore make up the largest Malaysian diaspora community in the world. In addition, about 400,000 Malaysians cross the border into Singapore for work or school every day. For Malaysian expatriates working here, a cost-effective, safe, and fast way to send money home can prove to be a lifesaver in these times. We hope this gesture by Revolut will provide a small relief to those who aren’t able to physically be with their loved ones for now.”

Revolut customers worldwide remitted more than USD 36 million to both India and Malaysia in the last 3 months.

*Accurate and up to date as of 10/06/2021.

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