Revolut Crypto adds popular crypto token Dogecoin

Product & feature · 8 June 2021

  • The second release of New Tokens Tuesday campaign has DOGE as the star following requests from crypto-enthusiast Revolut customers
  • Starting last week and every Tuesday over the next few weeks, Revolut will add new cryptocurrencies to the 29 tokens already supported in the app

London, 8 June 2021

Revolut, the financial superapp with 15 million customers worldwide, today announced the launch of the popular crypto token, Dogecoin, following requests from crypto enthusiasts as the unique token for New Tokens Tuesday's second release. Revolut's new initiative was launched last Tuesday June 1st and, over the next few weeks, will add new tokens to Revolut’s existing crypto offer.

The New Tokens Tuesday first batch of tokens last week included 8 new Network and Oracle tokens. With DOGE added to the app Revolut now supports 30 coins.

Revolut believes in broadening access to crypto but takes care to remind its customers that the investment may not be appropriate for everyone. Both novice investors and those familiar with the crypto world should research cryptocurrencies as they would any other volatile investment and inform themselves of the opportunities and risks before buying or selling. It is important to consider personal circumstances, review independent sources and to learn about the fast moving crypto market. As usual with trading, capital is at risk.

To find Dogecoin in the Revolut app*:

  1. Open the Revolut app and go to the crypto tab or ‘my hub’ and click on ‘crypto’
  2. Click the ‘invest’ button and choose Dogecoin
  3. Select the amount you want to invest

Edward Cooper, Revolut's Head of Crypto, said: “I said before that 2021 would be the year of crypto and Revolut is here to deliver on that promise. One of the most popular user requests over the past couple of months has been to add Dogecoin and we have answered the call! We have just launched Dogecoin in-app. So now keen crypto customers and those new to the game can buy and sell this popular token.”

*Cryptoassets are volatile and not regulated or protected by investor compensation schemes – value can go down or up. Trading may be subject to tax. Fees payable.

*All information given in this article were valid as of 08.06.2021 and due to business dynamics were likely to change since then.

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