Transfer money abroad with the interbank exchange rate

The world is becoming more interconnected, so it’s only right that our customers can transfer money globally in 24 currencies with the interbank exchange rate

Our interbank exchange rate

Banks are sneaky and could charge you hidden fees when you spend or transfer money abroad. We pass the interbank exchange rate directly onto you during the week and apply a small, transparent markup outside of market hours. Learn more


This exchange tool only shows what you would get if you exchanged the two currencies by using your Revolut card or the Revolut mobile app right now. Since this is a live rate, we cannot guarantee that this is the rate that you will get at the point of exchange. This exchange tool includes the markup that we charge outside of market hours and all fair usage fees that may apply for standard users.

Standard users
Premium users

Send money abroad

Transfer up to £5,000 abroad with the interbank exchange rate each month, and we only add a small fee of 0.5% for anything above this amount. Premium and Metal customers can send unlimited money transfers each month.

Set up recurring payments

Whether you’re paying rent or splitting the bill, set up a recurring payment in seconds and we’ll make sure your money arrives on time.

Send and request money in seconds

Instantly send and request money from anyone at the touch of a button, and attach notes, images and GIFs to make things a little more interesting.

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