D. Grigienė has been appointed as a member of the Supervisory Council at Revolut Bank

Vállalati · 2023. július 31.

Revolut Bank UAB, the European entity of the financial superapp licensed and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania, has appointed Dovilė Grigienė as a new member of its Supervisory Council. Her addition will strengthen the existing team of four members.

D. Grigienė embarked on her professional journey in banking and financial services in the United States over 20 years ago. Dovile built a diverse portfolio of professional business experience in financial services, banking, asset and wealth management & insurance fields throughout the years and during 2013-2021 she was the Chairperson of the Board and CEO of Swedbank Lithuania, one of the largest financial institutions in the Nordic countries. In this role, she led a traditional commercial bank catering to a diverse client base, including private individuals, households, and businesses, offering a full spectrum of financial products.

Throughout her career, D. Grigienė held various Board positions in the banking, asset management, insurance, and telecommunication sectors, as well as in non-profit organizations. “We are absolutely delighted to welcome someone with such a robust background to the bank and look forward to working alongside”, says Peter Stevens, Chairman of the Supervisory Council at Revolut Bank.

D. Grigiene has also been actively involved in sustainability initiatives, women's leadership and empowerment projects. She co-founded association Lydere focused on female empowerment and was one of the co-founders of international leadership organization YPO Lithuania. D. Grigiene has served as a mentor in various women's leadership programs.

Apart from D. Grigienė, the Supervisory Council of Revolut Bank comprises four other members: Peter Stevens, Caroline Britton, Markus Krebsz and Vytautas Valvonis. The Management Board currently consists of Joe Heneghan, Andrius Bičeika, David Corrigan, Felipe Penacoba Martinez, Oliver Schreiber and Vytautas Danta.

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