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Replacement of prepaid cards

We’ve been working hard enhancing your virtual and physical debit cards, and we've made some cool changes behind the scenes – all to improve your card payment experience. However, these upgrades only apply to new debit cards. If you've been with us for a bit longer, you might still be using some prepaid cards.

What's new?

  • Debit cards can be accepted in more places worldwide
  • Improved fraud detection mechanisms thanks to our machine-learning model
  • New designs to help you stand out
  • You can personalise your physical debit cards with your business name on the front

Company admins

The easiest way to tell which of your team's cards need to be replaced is to go to the 'Cards' tab in-app and see if any of your cards include the message 'Replacement card available'.

  • Physical cards

To order additional replacement cards for your team, just open your Revolut Business app, go to the 'Cards' tab, and claim the card invitation we've sent you. If you can't see any card invitations there don't worry, we've waived the standard delivery fee so you can upgrade your physical cards absolutely free.

  • Virtual cards

We've issued a new and improved virtual card to your Revolut Business account, so you can start enjoying the benefits right away. Simply head to the ‘Cards’ section in the web or mobile app to access your new card details.


To replace your virtual and physical cards, tell your admin to order you a new card.

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