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What fees will I be charged for my trading?

There are absolutely no hidden fees with Revolut. Find below the fees which are applied in different scenarios:

  • Commissions: we charge a commission per trade outside the monthly allowance of 3 and 8 free trades for Standard and Premium plans respectively while Metal users enjoy limtless commission-free trades. Below are the commissions that apply outside of the monthly limit for each country of residence:
    • UK: GBP 1
    • Eurozone: EUR 1
    • Denmark: DKK 9
    • Norway: NOK 11
    • Poland: PLN 4
    • Romania: RON 5
    • Czech Republic: CZK 28
    • Sweden: SEK 11
    • Bulgaria: BGN 2
    • Hungary: HUF 368
    • Croatia: HRK 8
  • Annual custody fees: We charge 0.01% / 12 of the market value of your assets at the end of each month for custody.
  • Fees imposed on US stock trading by regulators:
    • The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) levies $22.10 for every $1,000,000.
    • The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) charges on all stock and ETF sales at a rate of $0.000119 per share with a minimum charge of $0.01 and a maximum charge of $5.95 (this is the TAF fee)

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