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How is interest on Savings Vaults calculated and paid?

Interest can vary across different types of Savings Vault. To see the rate and when interest on a particular Savings Vault is paid, tap on your Savings Vaults under ‘Vaults’ tab on the Home Screen or 'Vaults' icon in the Hub ('Marketplace' in older app versions), and check the ‘Deposit’ section.

Interest accrues on a single deposit per Savings Vault product, per partner bank. Through the app, you can create more than one Savings Vault for each Savings Vault product a partner bank offers. For example, you might create three different Savings Vaults with Bank X at interest rate Y%. Although you see these as separate Savings Vaults within the Revolut app, they are viewed as one single deposit by the partner bank.

As they are viewed as one single deposit, this means that interest is paid on that single balance in one single payment.

When we receive this payment, we distribute it across your Savings Vaults in the same way as it would have been distributed if our partners paid it to each Savings Vault individually. This means the interest is split based on the balances of the Savings Vaults at the time that the interest was calculated by the partner.

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