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How much does it cost to withdraw crypto?

The fee we charge is made up of a network fee, which is a fee paid to cryptocurrency miners to process the transactions, and also a service fee paid to Revolut to process the transaction.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is £10 worth of crypto per withdrawal, before fees are applied.

Fee breakdown:

The network fee is a fee paid to cryptocurrency miners in return for processing your transaction on a given cryptocurrency blockchain (e.g. the Bitcoin blockchain). This fee is variable according to the speed of the transaction and the traffic on the network.

We calculate an estimated network fee before you confirm a transaction. This estimate is based on what we anticipate the network cost to be, then the service fee would be added to this estimate. The total cost of a transaction would then be shown in-app when you reach the transaction confirmation screen, and we’ll never charge you more than the total quoted.

Note, that the service fee we currently charge is £0.

Why is the network fee so high?

The fee is collected in order to process the transaction on the network. At times, network congestion, the size of the transaction, or confirmation times can make the fee higher than usual.

Why is a fee not applied for crypto transfers within Revolut?

Transferring crypto from your Revolut account to another Revolut account doesn’t involve a transaction on the blockchain (also known as an 'off-chain transfer'). Therefore, since there’s no transaction on the blockchain, there’s no fee.

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