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How can I activate a Revolut Junior Self Sign-up account?

A parent or legal guardian can approve a Revolut Junior account when they receive the invitation for activation. Upon receipt of the invitation for activation, they can tap the invitation link to activate the account.

If they're an existing customer, they'll be taken to the app and prompted to approve the Junior account when they tap the link. If not, they will need to download and sign up to the Revolut app and pass Identity Verification to approve the Junior account. When completed, they can approve the Junior account under the 'To-do' section, where they'll be prompted to 'Unlock Junior account'.

The Junior may send more than one invitation for activation. The first parent who activates the account will become the 'Lead' or the 'Admin' parent.

Juniors can't access any Revolut Junior features until their account is activated by a parent.

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