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How are international payment fees determined?

Please select the country in which your Revolut user agreement was signed prior to using our FAQs, terms may differ depending on your region. 

Revolut’s international payment fees are structured based on the transfer costs, which are generally dependent on the type and amount of currency being transferred.

To best reflect our costs, Revolut’s international payment fees are determined by either the currency or the amount of currency being transferred. 

Local Currency Transfers

For transfers in the local currency of the recipient country, for example - if you send PLN internationally to Poland or USD internationally to the US - Revolut applies a 0.3% fee to the transfer value. For small or large transfers we apply a small minimum fee (£0.30), or maximum fee (£5).

International Currency Transfers

International transfers in currencies other than that of the local recipient country, for example, sending USD to the UK from the US or sending CHF from the UK to Poland, vary based on the currency sent. Transfers sent in some heavily transacted currencies - such as USD, GBP, or CHF are charged a flat fee of £3. Transfers in all other currencies are charged a flat fee of £5.

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