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I have not received my card. When will my card be delivered?

To check your card's estimated delivery date (and reorder one if you need to), please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the 'Cards' tab in the app
  2. Find the card you're expecting to be delivered
  3. Tap ‘Track Delivery
  4. If the expected delivery date has passed, tap ‘Re-order this card’ to get a replacement card completely free.

We do not provide real time tracking for cards sent by standard delivery. However, an estimated delivery date is provided.

If ordering a replacement card, please double-check that the delivery address provided for the replacement card is correct.

If you are concerned about your card being used without your permission, you can always freeze your card until it is delivered. Once delivered, remember to unfreeze the card before using it.

Please note that our delivery times are only estimates. While it is likely that your card will be delivered on or before the estimated delivery date, we cannot provide any guarantee.

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