We’re bigger, bolder, and more global than ever

Revolut · 21 décembre 2023Jessica Phelan

As we continue our mission to simplify all things money, more and more people around the world are using Revolut for their everyday needs. And it shows. From customer growth to accelerating revenue, we’ve achieved some amazing successes in the past two years. And with our latest annual report just released, now is a great time to celebrate them.

So strap yourself in, and let’s discover some of our latest company milestones for 2022 and beyond.

We're big, growing fast and built to last

If you want to see what Shooting for the Moon looks like in practice, our 2022 figures reveal incredible growth across the board. With annual revenue increasing by 45%, and over 9.8 million new customers added, the rocketship continued its ascent.

If you’re ready for a deep-dive, you can download a copy of our report by following the link below. In a hurry? Don’t worry — we’ve got some key takeaways for you:

  • Revenue rose by 45% to $1.1 billion, showing the strength of our business model
  • $15.5 billion was entrusted to Revolut in customer deposits – that’s up by 70%
  • Total customers reached 26 million across 35 countries – an increase of 60%
  • Customers on our Plus, Premium, and Metal subscription plans grew by 55%

Thanks to our Dream Team, we also continued to develop game-changing products and features, despite a challenging macroeconomic environment. As our CEO Nik Storonsky highlights: “With growing concerns about the rising cost of living, we have improved our money health tools to help customers better understand their financial situation and build good habits to save more and spend better.”

More customers rely on us, and they love it

Whether sending or spending, saving or investing, our products are proving increasingly popular with customers worldwide. In fact, our 2022 figures reveal not only a significant increase in customers, but higher account usage too. Here are a few of the money habits you adopted:

You stayed active

We reached 50% more monthly active customers year on year.

You kept hustling

Monthly active businesses grew by 52% year on year.

You loved an upgrade

Total number of customers on paid plans increased by 61% year on year.

2023 - another year of growth

Thought we’d have a quiet 2023? Nope. Carrying that momentum into the new year, we managed to hit yet more milestones. Despite further economic turbulence, our financials continued to grow and grow. And thanks to the trust you continue to show us, that growth shows no signs of stopping yet!

While there’ll be plenty more to come, our latest achievements include:

  • We beat our total 2022 revenue, in August!
  • We’re operating on a healthy net profit margin
  • We reached 35+ million customers across 38 countries

We made our products even better for customers

At Revolut, we love to innovate. That’s why we’re continually adding new products and services, to help customers like you get the most out of your money. By introducing new features to our product roster in 2023, as well as improving on existing ones, our app continues to deliver. Here’s proof:

  • Credit products are now offered in 9 countries
  • Pay Later debuted in Ireland and Poland
  • Revolut Pay launched, making online payments simpler than ever!
  • We launched Revolut Ultra – our latest plan that’s packed full of premium perks (available in select countries only)

Commenting on our 2023 progress, Nik wrote “we believe that financial services across the world are in need of an overhaul and our ambition has always been to take our products global. As part of our global expansion, in 2022 we laid the foundations for our launches in 2023.”

As we continue to go from strength to strength, thank you to all our customers who’ve come with us on this journey so far. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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