Investing made simple with Robo-Advisor

Revolut · 21 février 2024Team Revolut

We're simplifying your financial journey with Robo-Advisor — a savvy, new sidekick for effortless investing. Read on to find out how you can make your money do more, with a little help from an expert friend.

Unlock your personalised portfolio

Define your financial goals and risk tolerance — Robo-Advisor’s got you covered. It'll handle all the research and provide you with an investment portfolio tailored to your needs.

Maximise your investment with automation

Fund your portfolio with recurring transfers and let Robo-Advisor do the rest. It’ll smartly select the assets and execute all the trades for you. Start building wealth over time with minimal effort.

Closely monitored to stay on track

No one can predict how the market will move — but we’re always ready to adapt. Our Robo-Advisor adapts to market changes with automatic rebalancing, ensuring your portfolio stays aligned with your goals.

About the risks

Our portfolios include different ETFs and their values may fluctuate with market conditions.

As a digital tool, technical issues may also affect your experience or cause losses. Robo-Advisor doesn't let you customise investments to specific preferences or receive guidance from a human.

Investing shouldn’t be a chore — get your personalised portfolio today and let Robo-Advisor help you hit your investment goals.

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