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Earn when you spend

Earn when you spend

  • Discover cashback offers for various brands, paid directly to your Revolut account
  • You’ll also find discounts for top companies, personalised for you
Get the inside track on offers for brands you love

Get the inside track on offers for brands you love

  • It’s that simple - just pay with your Revolut card and the reward will be automatically credited to your account. Terms & Conditions apply.
  • Get access to exclusive deals you can’t find anywhere else
Get cashback right to your account

Get cashback right to your account

  • Just pay with your Revolut card, and the reward will be credited automatically to your account
  • Keep track of your pending cashback in the app so you know where your Rewards are

How to get started with Rewards:

Exploring brands and offers is easy, simply follow the steps below

Download or update the Revolut app

Get started with Revolut on your iOS or Android device, or update your app to the latest version

Discover Rewards

Head to Profile, then select Widgets, then look for Rewards

Use your Revolut card and get your Reward automatically

When making a purchase, simply pay with your Revolut card at checkout to get your discount or receive cashback. All discounts are applied instantly, and any cashback will be credited to your Revolut account automatically. Terms & Conditions apply

Common questions

What regions are Revolut Rewards available in?

Currently, Rewards are available in the UK, US, France, Poland, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and Singapore.
Stay tuned for updates, as we are releasing Rewards in many more countries across the globe over the coming months.

How can I get more Rewards?

If Rewards are available in your country, you don’t need to do anything to unlock more Rewards, other than keep your Revolut app updated at all times. We’re always adding new offers, so check back regularly.

Why does my friend have different Rewards to me?

We recommend Rewards to people based on what we think they’ll love. For instance, if you have a gym subscription, we might recommend sportswear rewards.
We don’t want to send you Rewards that are irrelevant, so you may see different Rewards recommended in your app.
However, you can use the Search, Trending, or ‘Discover More’ features to explore all the offers available.

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