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Send and receive money in 30+ currencies with no hidden fees. Plus, transfers are always instant and free between Revolut friends, no matter where they are

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Send payment links or flash QR codes, and tell friends to “Revolut me!” - even when they’re not on Revolut. No awkward conversations; just send a fun gif with your reminder

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From restaurant tabs to rent, split bills with anyone, even if they’re not on Revolut. Just tell us and we’ll do the maths

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Choose your unique username and generate a shareable URL to collect money from friends, family or anyone else, privately and securely. No bank details needed

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Revolut comes in very handy for sending money between family and friends instantly
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You send money easily and quickly, and you have a lot of easy to use functions without commissions or hidden costs

Payments and beyond

Here’s how Payments connect to the rest of Revolut

Spend abroad like a local with excellent exchange rates

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Exchange money instantly in 30+ currencies

Learn more about Currency Exchange

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