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Send money to Tunisia in 3 simple steps

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How much does it cost to transfer money to Tunisia from the USA?

When sending money to Tunisia (TND) from the USA (USD), we won't charge you additional currency exchange fees on weekdays when the transfer is within your exchange allowance. A transfer fee may apply,depending on how much you send, and your plan's international transfer allowance. Check our pricing widget for more details.

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How long will my money transfer to Tunisia from the USA take?

Bank transfers to Tunisia from the USA usually arrive within 3 to 5 business days. Transfers to other Revolut customers and card transfers usually arrive in minutes We’ll keep you updated on the status of your transfer

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How to make your first money transfer to Tunisia

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The best ways to send money to Tunisia, explained

  • Bank transfers

    Low fees, great coverage

    Send money via SWIFT transfers. The traditional way, but better

  • Card transfers

    Send to any card anywhere, fast

    All you need is the card details to send to most countries and currencies

  • Send to wallet

    Coming soon…

    We support most digital wallets. They’ll receive it how they want, instantly

  • Peer-to-peer

    Free and instant

    Peer-to-peer payments for this route are currently unavailable

Security is embedded in all of our products

We keep your money safe and secure with our award-winning security systems. Our banking services are provided by Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Member FDIC. To keep you secure, we’ll store your money in these accounts until you pay it out. 35+ million people worldwide trust Revolut

Send money to Tunisia from the USA with Revolut

With Revolut you can exchange currencies, transfer money between countries, and hold local currencies on your multi-currency account for travel. These are just some of the reason why our customers trust us.

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