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How do I manage my notifications?

Managing marketing notifications

To manage marketing notifications, go to your profile icon, in the upper right corner and tap on 'Privacy'.

Here, you'll be able to opt in or out of marketing e-mails and push notifications. For more info, go to How do I stop unwanted notifications FAQ.

Transaction notifications

Apart from marketing notifications, you also receive notifications on your transactions (card payments, transfers) - these can be either in-app push notifications or e-mails. It's not possible to disable these notifications in the Revolut app, but if you'd like to, you can adjust your phone's notification settings. The exact flow may depend on your phone model, but you should be able to disable Revolut notifications under phone Settings→ notifications and ticking off Revolut in the list of installed apps. This action will result in you not receiving Revolut notifications at all.

We do not recommend switching off Revolut notifications completely, as you may not only miss important updates, but you may also not be notified about unauthorised transactions processed on your account.

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