Donate money easily to causes with Donations

Revolut Donations is a simple way to donate money to causes that matter to you. Round up your spare change and donate the difference, set up a recurring payment, or give a one-off amount. Give what you want, when you want. No commitments or limits. You’re in control.
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Charities will receive 100% of your donation

Unlike many banks and payment firms, our charity partners will receive one hundred percent of the amount donated by our customers, with no fees attached. Suggest a new charity

Donate money with a tap

Donate money with a tap

  • Discover causes you care about in the app and donate with ease
  • There is no minimum amount of the donations - every single pound you give can make a difference!
Choose how you donate

Choose how you donate

  • Round up your spare change or set up recurring donations to give effortlessly
  • You can also make a one-time payment to give a set amount to the charity of your choice
  • There’s no minimum donation amount - every little helps make a difference

How to donate money with Revolut

Access the feature directly in the Revolut app and support charities you care about.

Download the app

Get the app on your Android or iPhone mobile device and sign up

Go to the Donations tab

Go to Widgets and select Donations

Start to donate money today

Round up your spare change and donate the difference, set up a recurring payment, or give a one-off amount

Common questions

How much money goes to charity when you donate?

When you donate with Revolut you can give a little or a lot with ease, however you see fit, and one-hundred percent of your donation — not seventy-five or ninety — will go to charity.

How to donate money to charity?

To donate money to charity, simply signup to Revolut, go to Widgets and select Donations and donate in the way that works best for you.

How do I start an online donation fund?

We are always on the look-out for events across the world that need support. If you have a worthwile cause you’d like to recommend, we’d love to hear from you.

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