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Maxim Romain, Founder • Dott"We launched our business internationally in record time, saving huge amounts of time and money."

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Revolut Business FAQs

  • You can open a Revolut Business account quickly in about 10 minutes — just fill out a short form. We’ll need to review your business account application and start the sign-up process. The sign up process can be quick, but will depend on the complexity of your company and the documents uploaded. Can’t continue or you've been waiting for more than a week? Complete a support request and we'll be happy to help you.Learn more.
  • To open your Revolut Business account, we’ll need to know: - Your operating address confirmation - A short description of what your business does and where (nature of business) - How you intend to use your Business account - Proof and verification of your identity - Which Revolut Business plan you’ll start with It's easy to get started.Learn more.
  • With our basic plan, we won't charge you a monthly fee. You only pay for what you've used during the month. With one of our paid plans, you can get exclusive features, perks, and have higher allowances to help you save money. Our plans suit two types of Business accounts: companies and freelancers. Want to find out about costs? Check out our Business account pricing page.Learn more.
  • Opening a Revolut Business account is quick and easy. 1. Fill out a short online form — it only takes about 10 minutes. 2. We’ll review your business account application as part of your business onboarding. 3. We onboard your business and your account's ready to go. It's that simple. We may need to reach out to confirm a few details or leave you a message on your application, guiding you through the required information/documentation.Learn more.